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Road Safety and School Travel Plan



At Four Marks School, we like to encourage as many children as possible to walk, at least part of the way. Walking is very beneficial to the children’s health and helps them make a good start to the day.

As you know, the school is situated close to the junction where five roads meet and this area can become very congested. We have introduced a one-way system that we ask you to use, making the area around our school as safe as possible for your children, and for others. Parking is less than 5 minutes walk away!

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School Travel Plan for download

Cycling to School


Children do not fully develop the ability to judge speed and distance until they are approximately 10 years old. This is obviously a key skill in being able to walk or cycle to school safely on their own.  If you feel that your child is responsible enough and has the capability to walk or cycle to school on their own we ask that you fill in a permission slip. You are very welcome to discuss this with a member of school staff further if you wish.


In addition, we would recommend that your child has completed a Cycling Proficiency course. Children in Years 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to take part in these courses, usually in the Autumn Term.



Home to School Transport 

Please find below the link to our website which provides information for Hampshire parents who wish to apply for transport to your school. 



Road Safety Events

The Big Pedal

Walk to School Week

What wonderful weather we had for our Walk to School week! Our JRSOs came up with a special ‘theme’ each day to encourage everyone to get walking.


Monday—Sports clothes or PE kit


Tuesday— Favourite shoes day (but please bring school shoes with you)


Wednesday—Walk like a chicken


Thursday—Bring a bear


Friday—Hi Five your friends


It has been lovely to see so many children walking in their Sports kits, with their favourite shoes on and ‘walking like a chicken’! We have also had lots of lovely visitors of the teddy bear variety in school. Well done to our JRSOs and Mrs Telford, for organising this event.


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