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Four Marks CE Primary School


What is the Sports Funding?  The National Picture

Sports Funding was introduced by the Government in September 2013.  It was designed to give additional money to support schools in developing Physical Education in Schools and build an ‘Olympic Legacy’.


Where does the money come from?

Sports Funding is allocated to schools based on the number of children on roll (Years 1-6) plus an additional flat rate. Initially it was anticipated that schools would receive this funding for two academic years  (13/14 and 14/15), but this has been extended, although there is currently no firm indication of how long the funding will continue. The funding allocation goes across the financial year. (April to April).

The level of the Sports Funding in the financial year 13/14 was £5,948.

In 14/15 the funding allocation for the school was £9,170.

In 15/16 the funding allocation for the school was £8,900.

It is anticipated that the school will receive similar amounts of Sports funding for the coming financial years, though it has not yet been confirmed that funding will continue beyond July 2017.


Physical Education at Four Marks CofE Primary School

Four Marks C.E Primary School’s Mission Statement is ‘Preparing for Life’. We feel that Physical Education plays an important role in helping us to fulfil this statement, enabling children to live and active and healthy lifestyle, and live out the 2012 Olympic values. We have worked hard to develop our Physical Education through curriculum time and extra-curricular activities.


How is the Sports Funding used to support Physical Education at Four Marks?

We have used our Sports Funding to:

  • Provide children with PE instruction and coaching from experts
  • Develop staff expertise in teaching the PE curriculum
  • Improve opportunities for children to lead sport and active games.
  • Increase participation in extra-curricular clubs and competitions.


Our PE curriculum

A wide range of PE is delivered to the pupils, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils

Sports taught are wide and varied, both during the school day, and as extra-curricular clubs. Opportunities include Gymnastics, netball, hockey, judo, dance, cricket and football.

In addition, funds are used to employ Sports Coaches and this expertise is used across the school to teach pupils from Year R – Year 6 in PE activities ranging from basketball to multi-skills.

This year, Sports Coaches are also working alongside our Lunchtime Staff to deliver a Sports Leadership programme. Year 5 pupils use this to teach, plan and assess playground games and sporting activities. This is an engaging project for all pupils, and aims to ensure that pupils access a wide range of sporting activities during lunchtimes and breaktimes.

We have developed Assessment pro-forma for all aspects of PE. These are easy to complete documents which allow to easy assessment of pupils and note next steps.

We are keen to develop our staff at Four Marks CofE Primary. Staff are encouraged to periodically work alongside Sports coaches to develop expertise in different aspects of the PE curriculum.

As well as regular PE lessons, we also provide team competitions both in-house and inter-school.

The school is keen to provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year. As a result of the funding, teaching staff have been able to spend more time and resources organising extra-curricular sporting clubs and competitions. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to work with different teachers, volunteers and coaches and have the chance to try new sports such as Netball, ‘Strictly’ Dancing, Street Dance, Tennis, Football, Multi-skills, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, and Athletics. We monitor participation and check uptake against gender, SEN and free school meals. We also enter a wide range of competitions (e.g. Girls  and Boys Football Tournament; Dance Festival; Area Sports; Girls and Boys Cricket, Girls and Boys Netball). We have seen significant success in these competitions, and are very proud of the children's team spirit. We were very proud that in 2017, our Girls Cricket Team were nominated for Hampshire Youth Team of the year, winning this prestigious award.


Partnership Work

Our school is part of the 7AS (Seven Alresford Schools) Cluster, a group of six primary schools and one secondary Sports Academy, who work together  to plan competitions for the children and share good practice. We have found this beneficial as it has given our children the opportunity to participate regularly in Inter-School competitions, and use the wider range of resources which the Secondary Specialist Sports Academy is  are able to offer. There are a wide range of competitions which allow all children to compete. . In the Cluster we share documents we have produced; for example, a session was spent looking at how pupils are assessed, and successful pro-forma.

The time to organise and participate in competitions and sporting events, or run regular extra-curricular clubs impacted on staff time and consequently funding. Using sports coaches to help with the delivery of our PE curriculum has enabled specific teachers to focus on extra-curricular aspects to give children greater breadth of experience and opportunity.

Our Sports Leaders

Sporting Events 2013-2014

Sporting Events 2011-12

The Olympics at Four Marks