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Privacy Notice - Governors




The Governors are like a Board of Directors whose main roles are to plan the strategic direction of the school, and to monitor and evaluate the school’s progress.  We try and achieve this by working with, and offering support and challenge to, the Headteacher and the School Leadership Team.


The main responsibilities of the Governing Body include determining the aims and overall conduct of the school, with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.  Specific duties include agreeing staffing levels, appointing the headteacher, setting and agreeing the school budget, ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum is delivered, and monitoring health and safety and the management of the premises. We monitor and evaluate progress towards the school’s priorities by referencing the School’s Improvement Plan, and by seeking evidence of improved performance from the Headteacher.  Governors are accountable to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions made within it.


Governors work as a team with the Headteacher to raise the standards of achievement for all pupils at the school.  We care passionately about giving our children the best a school can offer and ensuring each child develops to their full potential.  Our meetings are enjoyable but deal with serious issues.  School governors are made up of: Parents, Staff, Local Education Authority representatives, Community representatives and Foundation (Church) representatives.  Parent Governors are elected by parents to represent their views, but they speak and act as individuals.  All governors are encouraged to attend regular training sessions provided by the LEA and other providers.


Individual governors are appointed to monitor aspects of our Strategic Plan as well as other aspects of  schools work such as Special Educational Needs, More Able Child, Early Years, Health & Safety, Community Cohesion and Finance. Non-staff Governors are also linked to an individual class in order to develop a working insight of the life of the school.  This enables us to foster governor, staff and pupil relations, and we often find ourselves helping at many of the social activities organised by the Friends, or School.


Details of the current governors can be found on the notice board in Reception and here on the website. Please click on the link below to view further details about our Governing Body. In addition, they are contactable through the school office, and many can also be found at the school gates at drop-off and collection times.