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Medicines, Healthcare and Childhood Illness

On entry to our school you will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire which will allow us to ensure that the correct provision is in place for your child when the start at our school.


If your child needs medication you will need to sign a consent form so that we can supervise your child.  Please do not send your child into school with medicine without letting us know first, so that we can make sure it is administered correctly.


If your child has an on-going or serious medical condition that needs specific management in school, you may need to complete a Healthcare Plan to ensure that school has the correct information to meet your child's needs.  Our new policy for Managing Children with Medical Needs can be found on our Policies Page. If you need further information, please call into the school office or make an appointment with Mrs. Gillard, our Inclusion Manager.

Child Illnesses and Coming to School:

Children regularly catch coughs and colds, especially once they start school.  Generally, children can come to school if they just have a cough or a cold.  General guidance from NHS about common childhood illnesses can be found below but it is important to remember that if your child has a sickness bug or diarrhoea then they must not come to school for 48 hours after the last incident. Further useful information can also be found at the following website:

Child Illnesses, Symptoms and Advice