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Week 9 Monday 8th June

Welcome to a new week of home learning.  Please find below English, Maths and topic activities for the week. 


At the moment we are writing and preparing the children's reports.    Usually we ask the children to reflect on their time and experiences in school each term. Unfortunately, due to lock down and the early closure of school for the Easter holidays not all the children were able to complete their reflections for the spring term.  Therefore along side the daily activities, this week, we would like you to send in the children's comments about the spring term and about their time during lock down.  It would be lovely to hear what they remember doing, what they enjoyed, what they felt about things during the Spring term and Summer term(lock down).  We only need a short paragraph, so that we can include them in their end of term reports.  If you have any photos that you would like to include of activities undertaken during Lock down, that would be good too!  We would like to have the comments back as soon as possible please or by the latest  Monday 15th June.  Please could you email them to the school office and Mrs Ballard will forward them to the children's class teacher.  As always if you have any queries concerning any aspect of  home learning  you should address them directly to the school office so that they can also be passed on to the class teacher.  We're are looking forward to reading all the children's comments  over the next week. 

Many thanks 

Year 3 4 team