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Our Learning Values

We believe that people learn best in different ways. At our school we provide a rich and varied learning environment and a rich and extended curriculum that allows children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.

This includes the use of problem solving, investigation, use of open questions and tasks, competition and a wide range of higher order thinking skills delivered through a creative curriculum.

This also includes developing attributes which are good for society (pro-social), based on our school values (Love, Integrity, Forgiveness and Equality), and another set which are important for learning (epistemic), based on our learning values (Responsible, evaluative, accurate, collaborative, hard-working, inquisitive & imaginative, nimble-minded, and ‘gritty’).


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Children are introduced to different learning skills and attributes and are encouraged to reflect on how these help us to become better learners. They are encouraged to develop this full skill set over time:


'Unlocking Learning'

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