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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Veronica Stoodley, Headteacher, DSL
Teaching Staff 2 Amy Cox, Assistant Head(KS1) Willow Class,SENCO
Teaching Staff 3 Esther Andrews, Holly Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Karen Jeffrey, Rowan Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Catrin Adlam, Beech Class teacher, Lower KS2 Lead
Teaching Staff 6 Gemma Harnor, Pine Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Rachel Batts, Oak Class Teacher (R.E.)
Teaching Staff 8 Emma Thorne, Oak Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Val Ryan, Elm Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Kelly Smith, Hazel Class Teacher (PE & PSHE)
Teaching Staff 11 Teresa Hammond, Yew Class Teacher, Upper KS2 Lead

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Sonya Fullick, Administration Officer
Office Staff 2 Karen Ballard, Administration Officer

Support staff (LSA's)

Support staff (LSA's) 1 Andrea Gillard, SEN Team, Speech & Language
Support staff (LSA's) 2 Yvonne Sivananthan, SEN Team, Parent Support/ ELSA
Support staff (LSA's) 3 Lisa Jones, Learning / Early Years Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 4 Clare Westwood, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 5 P. Dawson/ Learning Support Assistant/ ICT manager
Support staff (LSA's) 6 Natacha Augreau, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 7 Jane Hughes, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 8 Sarah Telford, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 9 Sue Bayliss, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 10 Wendy Barber, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 11 Sarah DuLam, Learning Support Assistant
Support staff (LSA's) 12 Yvonne King, Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff (Caretaker)

Support Staff (Caretaker) 1 Karin Black, Caretaker


Governors 1 Elliott Draper. Co-opted Governor/ Chair
Governors 2 Rev. Howard Wright. Foundation Governor/Vice Chair
Governors 3 Leah Crawford. Co-opted Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 4 Simon Venediger. Parent Governor/ Resources
Governors 5 Teresa Hammond. Staff Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 6 Veronica Stoodley. Headteacher
Governors 7 Victoria Efstathiou. Co-opted Governor/ Resources
Governors 8 Rupert Kellie. Co-opted Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 9 Simon Davies. Co-opted Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 10 Charlotte Bloomfield. Co-opted Governor/ Resources
Governors 11 Louisa Appel. Parent Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 12 Amy Cox. Assistant Headteacher/ Co-opted Governor
Governors 13 Peter Cox. Foundation Governor/ Curriculum
Governors 14 Julia Yeadon., Foundation Governor

Dinner ladies

Dinner ladies 1 Helen Rogers, Lunchtime Assistant
Dinner ladies 2 Sonya Dyer, Lunchtime Assistant