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Four Marks CE Primary School

Love. Integrity. Forgiveness. Equality.

Strategic Plan and Next Steps


The school Strategic Plan gives direction to the school as a whole in implementing its vision and aims.  It provides a focus for dialogue about school improvement between the people who work there.  It provides a monitoring and self-evaluation mechanism for Governors and the Leadership Team. It gives control over the nature and pace of change, and is based on the five stage cycle for school improvement.


The School Strategic Planning Process will enable Four Marks Primary School to be self-evaluating and committed to continuous improvement.  The Staff and Governors are confident in their ability to keep the vision for the school in focus when responding to challenges and new initiatives. 


Our Vision:

Our vision is to prepare children for life-long learning, valuing the uniqueness of every child and providing for their needs within a safe and secure environment. We aim to:

  • develop active learners with lively and enquiring minds through the establishment of a firm foundation of positive attitudes and skills, and an understanding of themselves as learners,
  • provide an inspiring curriculum built on thematic activities and first-hand experiences,
  • achieve personal excellence in all aspects of school life, with a high focus placed on effort as well as attainment,
  • promote high standards of behaviour, which reinforces mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of what it is to be a citizen, not only of the school, but of local, national and international societies.
  • provide a well-organized, stimulating and secure learning environment in which children’s previous knowledge is  challenged and enhanced, and where their best efforts are celebrated,
  • prepare the children to cope with our continuously changing world.
  • Encourage children to develop morally as well as spiritually, to question, debate and seek clarification whilst having the confidence to retain their individuality and an awareness of their self-worth.


Rigorous Self-evaluation is the cornerstone of school improvement and is a continual and continually revealing process. It is ‘a window through which others see the school. But it is also the mirror through which the school sees itself as others see it’.  School Self-evaluation:


  • Provides a clear and un-bureaucratic framework for self-review
  • Places pupil progress and attainment at the heart of the process
  • Leads to a rigorous and objective diagnosis of need
  • Leads to effective improvement planning to build on the school’s strengths and remedy existing weaknesses.