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Year 5

Suggested Timetable and Focus

Years 5/6 Homework:

‘Homework’ for

Parents/ Carers


15-20 minutes

Maths fluency, times tables and arithmetic practice.

Reading a book at least 4 times a week, if possible every day. 10 minutes per day.

(Even when your child is able to read by themselves, it is still beneficial to read them a story, including longer ‘Chapter Stories’, non-fiction books).  


15-20 minutes

Reading and discussing texts


15-20 minutes

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling practice


15-20 minutes

Reading and discussing texts


15-20 minutes

Maths fluency, times tables and arithmetic practice.


15-20 minutes

Reading and discussing texts.


15-20 minutes

Maths fluency, times tables and arithmetic practice.



1.5- 2 hours

Short and regular practice is better than longer stretches.


½ hour- 1 hour

Homework Guidance and Expectations Year 5:

Reading should increase to include regular sustained periods so that children develop the habit of ‘getting into a good book’. (Reading a few pages every few days inhibits this). Although fluent readers are likely to be reading independently by this age, parents/carers still need to hear them read out loud to develop their fluency in harder text types, checking for fluency, intonation and attention to punctuation. This also supports their writing. Developing readers will still need reading support at least 4 times a week, ideally every day.


In grammar and maths, children will receive consolidation work for the learning they are doing in class. Children may also receive practise test papers near the time of their SATs to help them become familiar with the test format. By year 5 and year 6, it is expected that all children should have fluent recall of ALL their times tables. Children forget them if they are not used, so a regular (daily if possible) quick and short tables quiz would help your child retain what they have learned.

For suggestions of great quality books to share with your child, please visit the page below: 

For our developing readers, we also have a private page on our website featuring familiar members of staff reading some of their favourite stories. All of these stories are available to borrow from our school library. You can simply listen to them, or read along with a copy of the book. This is also a great way of building stamina for longer chapter books. Please contact our school office for the password to access this page. 

By year 4, all children need to learn their 11 x and 12x tables and consolidate their other times tables to improve the speed and accuracy of their recall. They should recall and learn number family facts, which include the corresponding division facts. For example:

If 7 x 6 = 42.                then 6 x 7= 42            and 42÷7 =6;               and 42÷6=7

Children in Years 5 and 6, should continue to practise all of the above until they are fully fluent in all times table up to 12 x 12.

Maths Fluency Homework in detail Year 5