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Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2! 





Home Learning Week 14 (Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July) 

This is the final week of home learning. This week, we have also posted this learning on Microsoft Teams as assignments. If you are in Year 5, you have been sent login details with your school report and should be able to access the same work on there. Please leave a message if you manage to log on! 

Positions of Responsibility Update

Thank you to all of you who have sent in application letters for a position when you are in Year 6, we have really enjoyed reading them! As we do not currently have all of the Year 5 children in school, we have decided to postpone the rest of the process until September when you are all back. We will then interview any children who have not returned to school this term before making our final decisions. 

Year 6 Transition Documents


In our conversations with both Amery Hill and Perins, we have been asked to complete 'All About Me' sheets with the children. The children who are currently in school have completed these and we will send them on to the secondary schools, but they would also like those children at home to send theirs in. The forms to fill in are available below and should be emailed directly to the secondary school. 

Home Learning Week 10 (Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June) 


Below are the documents you need for this week's home learning. 


If you have not yet emailed in your spring reflections (Autumn and spring for Elm Class) please send these in as soon as possible. 

Home Learning Week 9 (Monday 8th June - Friday 12th June) 


This week, in addition to the usual home learning tasks, we would like you all to write your reflections to be used on your school reports. 


If you are in Hazel or Yew Class, please write a couple of sentences explaining what your favourite part of the spring term was and why, and a target for next year. 


If you are in Elm Class, please complete this for the spring term and also the autumn term. 


As a reminder, our topic for the spring term was the Ancient Greeks and in English we read Percy Jackson and Macbeth. We learnt about light and sound in Science and there were school events like Cross Country, History Mystery, Spelling Bee, Football and Netball. The autumn term included residential trips, building Goblin Cars, and our space topic. 


Please email your comments to by Friday 12th June so we have time to include them in your reports. Alternatively, you can post them onto our Facebook page and we can lift the comments from there. 

Home Learning Week 8 (Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June) 

We are looking forward to welcoming many year sixes back on Monday, but for year fives, and those of you who are unable to be in school, here is your home learning for next week: 

Half Term Week  (Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May)


As this would be half term, there is no formal home learning this week. Please keep reading and keep showing us all the other fabulous ways you are spending your time! 


If you are a year 5 and have not yet applied for a position of responsibility, the deadline is this Friday (29th May). Please email your letters to or drop them into the letter box on the school gate. All the details you need are posted below.


Results of the Piers Torday Writing Competition


We have really enjoyed reading your entries to the writing competition posted earlier this month. This morning, we received the results! 


We are very proud to announce that Tamsyn Sayles from Hazel Class was the overall winner of the competition! This is what Piers Torday said about her work: 


“Tamsyn has successfully developed a small inciting incident into a fully executed story with a middle and end. Her descriptive language is startling and vivid:  “their hearts pounded like a poorly played drum”….”like a crab, Simon scuttled backwards” (although they actually scuttle sideways of course!) and “cherry-red smoke”, suffusing the text with the strange and magical atmosphere fantasy fiction needs to breathe. The characters have thoughtful and believable motivations “curiosity had got the better of her” “never in his wildest dreams” and the summoning of the original toy owner is a breathtaking set piece worthy of E. Nesbit. But what I liked most about this story was the bird’s song. Creating an action packed fantasy adventure is one thing, but leaving the space for a long, haunting lyric by a trapped clockwork bird is a stroke of mature artistry by a true writer in the making.”


We have attached a copy of Tamsyn's winning story, and other entries from Sasha Shadbolt, Ellen Bawn and Chloe Monument for you to enjoy. 

Congratulations, Tamsyn, and well done to all those who entered! 

Writing Competition!


Today we have a very exciting opportunity to share with you! 

Piers Torday the author of The Last Wild trilogy has set a writing competition for Let’s Think in English students. 

If you'd like to take part, visit 

Read the story starter and write what happens next. Post your story as a comment on the page. 


When continuing the story you may want to consider the following questions:






There will be a short list of the best entries, Piers will chose the winner and they will receive a prize.

The deadline for entries is the 13th May 

Please take the time to plan, edit and redraft your work before sending.

Enjoy, and good luck!  


Home Learning Week 5


Hi everyone! We hope you are keeping well and managing to try the tasks each week. 

Our Home Learning looks a little different this week. That is because this week marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The document below explains all the tasks we would like you to try, but you can also come up with some of your own. We have also added a reading comprehension about VE Day which you can use to help you research (you can choose the level of challenge - 1, 2 or 3 star) and a maths challenge to try each day. 


The powerpoint mentioned is available at Just scroll to the bottom of the page, under the heading 'VE Day Resources for Home'. Unfortunately it is too large for us to upload here. 


We are looking forward to seeing all the ways you have celebrated this important event at home! 


Here are some additional resources from Picture News. They give you some more information about VE Day, some points to discuss or think about, and some extra tasks you might like to have a go at.

Calling All Year Fives! 


The time has come to apply for positions of responsibility for your final year at Four Marks! 


The poster below shows you all the different roles to help you decide which one would be best for you. 


If you would like to apply, please write a letter to Mrs Stoodley and either email it to us at or pop it in our letter box by Friday 29th May. 


There is another document with some tips to help you write your letter below. 


We are looking forward to reading your letters very soon! 

Easter Holidays Home Learning (Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April)

A Family Theatre Treat!


We know a lot of you will be sad that we aren't able to put on our usual play at school this year,

but here's something that might cheer you up! 


The Wind in the Willows musical company have released a live show of the classic story for you to enjoy

with your families. This is a great opportunity to see how this classic tale has been adapted,

and a fun way to spend time together. 


To watch the show, copy and paste the link below. A member of your family will have to sign up,

but this is completely free. Enjoy! 

We hope you all managed to find the home learning tasks for last week and enjoyed completing them. This week follows the same pattern. There are maths tasks, English tasks and a project. Remember there are also other links on the main page if you are looking for something else to do. 

Have fun and stay safe! 

Year 5/6 Team